Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I used to work as an intern for a lobbyist in Michigan, I never admitted to the organization whether I was a Democrat or a Republican. At the time, I was only 20 years old and didn't really have much to stand for. Regardless, it was at that time I began to get semi-involved in politics. My sister convinced me to help her with the Dems, as they were working to elect various candidates in Michigan. I attended a few rallies, helped with placing signs in proper places and cheered when "our" candidates won.

Now, as I have been living and working in Texas as a teacher for the last five years, I see there is a problem at hand. Five years ago, teachers could move freely from district to district. There were more than enough jobs out there, and you didn't have to worry if you would find a position at the end of the school year. So much has changed in a short amount of time! Just last week alone, the school I work in cut 4 good teachers--because of the budget shortfall in Texas. It is absolutely heartbreaking to see those teachers who were cut; their tear stained faces hugging their students...I can't imagine preparing for the rest of the school year when I know my job is being eliminated.

I am not one to protest, and I will admit, I must update my voter registration. I know I can't sit back and do nothing. There are many little things I can do, starting with emailing and calling my local representatives. I also read as many newspapers as I possibly can and I try to get as informed as possible on both sides of the issues.

I am predicting right now, the current discussion about unions will not be going away any time soon.

I won't forget my history. My great grandfather was one of the original sit down strikers in Flint, Michigan. That union is one I am proud to remember. Yes, unions (as we know them now) have worn out their welcome and they have not changed as they should have. But we can't sit back and watch. We must become informed and aware.

I will start with updating my voter registration so I am more than ready for 2012.

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