Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A facebook tutorial with my mother

My mom has facebook. Watch out world.

I am obsessed with facebook. Yes, I am one of those annoying people who check it about 20+ times a day—which I believe actually puts me in the facebook addiction disorder category. I think there really is such a category.

Anyway, so my dad friends my mom and I see she has taken the plunge and signed up for a facebook account. She had been trying to decide if she needed it for quite some time. One of her friends who is really technologically advanced Skype’s with her grandson, and this same friend convinced her she needs facebook.

So, I friend my mom. Then, I get that message from facebook that says I need to suggest friends for her.

I proceed to suggest every family member that we have on facebook to friend my mom, along with several of her friends from work and our hometown.

Today, I talk to my mom about her facebook account. This is how our conversation went:

Mom: If I want to get to facebook, do I have to google the word “facebook?”
Me: No, Mom. You can go to facebook.com and log in that way.
Mom: What, you mean I don’t have to google “facebook”
Me: Nope, you just type in facebook in your browser.
Mom: The browser?
Me: Yes, the search button at the top of the webpage.
Mom: Oh. Guess what, when I woke up this morning I had 17 messages on the email about people that wanted to friend me on facebook.”
Me: I know, Mom, I suggested that those people friend you. They are all people you know and love.
Mom: Yeah, even my sister and her daughter friended me.
Me: Yep, I told them to.
Mom: Also, how do you make a comment on someone’s page? Do you just click the comment box?
Me: Yes, click and type what you want to say. Then you hit enter.
Mom: Oh. Did you know that your aunt is a fan of Rush Limbaugh? That is the first thing on her page. I think you can tell a lot about a person by what you see on their facebook page.
Me: Yep.
Mom: Thanks for the new picture you put on my facebook page.
Me: No problem. I couldn’t stand to look at that picture you had up. I looked like I was on drugs and that was before I did Weight Watchers. In fact, I looked like a blimp on drugs. Why did you choose that picture anyway? We only have taken thousands of pictures of us over time.
Mom: Well, your dad sent me that picture on the email.
Me: Ok, well I will send you more pictures. Facebook makes it easy to put new pictures on your page. I just have to tag them.
Mom: What?
Me: Don’t worry. I will find you more pictures.

That was the end of our facebook tutorial. Trust me, it was plenty for one day.

And, mom if you are reading this, you are really getting good at facebook, because the link to my blog is at the bottom of my page. Sorry in advance, but that conversation happened. I just had to blog about it!

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