Sunday, December 15, 2013

Lighting the advent candle

There has been a bit of a conflict in our house a well meaning person has been volunteering me/our family/my hubby and I for various events. (Some church related and with other organizations in the community.)

Long story short, Monday morning I was talking to said person and was notified we were signed up to light the advent calendar at church this Sunday. No problem, right?

So, this morning by the grace of God we actually get to church 5 minutes early. As I sit down, I am handed a piece of paper that includes several readings and a prayer and a Christmas ornament--which to hang the ornament we have to make our way over an orchestra and a bench like hurdle. Ummm...I thought we were just lighting a candle?

Thankfully my sister and brother in law have also "volunteered" and they are at church earlier than our five minutes. My sister was planning on reading three of the readings, but hubby said he would read one of them. (If you know him, he likes time to plan/practice, so I was stunned when he said he would do a reading.)

My job was to light the pink candle. I was only told three times that I was to light ONLY the pink candle. (There are purple and white ones to make 5 total candles.) Of course, when my time came--I couldn't get the stupid flame thrower to work. I tried and tried. There were some chuckles--some coming from the Pastor. Then my brother in law took over. Of course he was able to get it to work without any issues.

Thankfully it was decided we did not have to hang the ornament.

So, as we headed back to our seats--I looked at my hubby and asked him how long he was going to be annoyed.

He just smiled at me, so I think we are ok.

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