Monday, March 21, 2011

Same teacher, same routine

Whenever we get back from a break, I welcome my students with a smile and then I tell them in my most serious voice, “I am still the same Mrs. Campbell as when you left for your break. I still expect you to follow the same rules that I have always had, etc, etc. I have not changed a bit.” The seriousness usually lasts about two minutes until there is some sort of fifth grade drama/inappropriate comment/ flatulence /all of the above.

But, today I really had their attention. I continued with my “serious” discussion. I felt it was a proper time to notify them that we are only TEN days away from our first state standardized test in fifth grade, known as the TAKS test. GASP. The consensus was that the class had absolutely no idea the test was so close!

I proceeded to let my students know we are approaching “game time”. I described it as the crucial moment where all of their hard work will come to fruition.

I was really on my soap box now.

Next, I decided to tie in the inspirational story of Michael Robles, the Arizona State University wrestler who won the NCAA National Championship in the 125 pound weight class. More amazingly I told them, Robles was born without a right leg! I pulled up the article on the internet and began discussing it with my students. If I could have shown them the video, it would have been much more effective—but YouTube is blocked, and ABC news was not coming up.

I am sitting down at my desk, and I am speaking to my lovelies. They are engaged, they are listening, and some even have their hands raised! Of course, this is when my assistant principal walks into the room to do a walk through.

As soon as she comes in, I feel that it is necessary for me to explain to her why I am sitting down. (Sitting down at your desk is a big no-no, and I really am a rule follower!) I stammer, “we just got into the room no more than five minutes earlier, and we were catching up from spring break.” She smiles and nods her head.

I proceeded to mention my students were just notified that the TAKS test was only in two weeks! I really think I was more concerned than she was, but this is when the class discussion came full circle.

Thankfully one of my students did catch my drift. This insightful boy said, “if Robles can do something so amazing and inspirational, I can pass a measly TAKS test!”

Check, please!

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  1. Hi Katie,
    I enjoyed reading some of your blogs! You have a nice smooth way of writing, and you paint a good picture of your day, it reminds me of how much I missed seeing you at Wallace MS! Keep up the good work!


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