Sunday, January 22, 2012

Vote for our LEGO team: Or Mike Leach might lock you in a closet!

OK, I am going to do a shameless…maybe a shameful plug here.

The LEGO League Team that I have been volunteering with all semester has an opportunity to win a First LEGO League Global Award.

We need your vote. As I write this, we have 25 votes. We need 2,500 more to catch up to the leader.

I think it can be done. But, I need YOU to vote for our team.

You can click on the link below and vote for us.

So, why should you vote for our kids?

Well, here are 10 reasons why.

1.       If our team wins, the kids will get a trip to Rhode Island to present their project. Out of our whole team, only 3 of our 10 kids have ever been on an airplane before. What an opportunity for our kids!

2.       People don’t even know we have a LEGO League Team at our school. Most of the schools in our district received grants to start teams, but because there was so much work involved, only 2 middle schools even have a team.

3.       Our kids learned a lot about UV lights and even performed a “real” science experiment that they are going to enter in our district science fair.

4.       Because we did more than just play with LEGO’s all semester.

5.       Our kids couldn’t come from more different backgrounds, but LEGO League has made them friends.

6.       We hold our practices in a closet—and while it is not a Mike Leach situation, it is not fun to be so cramped for space.

7.       I really have no other way to figure out how to get people to vote for our team.

8.       I can only vote for the team once every 24 hours, and even with all of my electronic devices, I am only one person.

9.       Because our kids are just awesome and deserve a little recognition.

10.   If I can spend 100+ hours of my time to volunteer with a group of kids—you can click on the link and vote for us to win this award!

Here is the link again.

Vote early and vote often…well, vote once every 24 hours.

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