Monday, July 23, 2012

Home = Work, Work = Home?

I don’t know if you have ever felt this way at work. I know that a lot of times it seems like we live at work and thus work  to live, but this summer I had the opportunity to go back “home.” This home that I am speaking of is my “old” school that I worked at two years ago. I taught 7th grade science at the time and I coached three sports—volleyball, basketball, and soccer. I enjoyed working there, but I wanted to get out of coaching. I had to make a decision to move on.
In the last two years, I taught 5th grade (STEM among various other subjects) and then this last year, I taught Gateways to Technology to 6th graders and then a Game Design Class to 7th and 8th graders. I was planning on staying until I saw a job opening for the same position I had/would have in the coming year, but at my old school.  So, I had another decision to make.

Did I mention that my husband works at my old school? Yep, that is a definite benefit.

And, since we are expecting our first baby at the end of October, I know that my “old” principal is extremely family friendly. Another major benefit.

Lastly, I have several friends and acquaintances that still work at this old school. Whenever, I go back to visit, or for a game, or some sort of training, these friends and acquaintances always stop me and we catch up. I get lots of hugs and smiles. I appreciate that. I didn’t realize how much I missed it, until I left.

So, whenever I go back—it is like going home. I don’t know what your home is like, but when I go home—people are usually glad to see me. (If anything, my dog will always come downstairs and greet me with a huge wag of his tail.)

My other schools have not been this friendly. They also haven’t been run as well. This “old” school has not only a family friendly principal, but also an assistant principal that takes care of business. This school also has one day a week that we meet as professionals and learn new strategies that we can use in our classrooms.

It is very important to me that I continue to grow as a professional. I never will know everything when it comes to my classroom, but the more I can learn—the better teacher I will be.

So, in the end, I decided to go home.

I am really looking forward to this school year!

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  1. i'm so glad you're back!! it was great to see you and catch up today. :)


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