Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nesting or just purely insane?

Well, I am a week away from my third trimester. I don’t want to brag but things have gone really well for me thus far. The baby is healthy, I am feeling good, and there is actually a teeny part of me that is ready to go back to work.

Summer has been awesome. It has been exactly what I needed. I got to take some naps, went on a few trips, and took several trainings. And, it has been my mission since we got back from Florida to get the nursery ready.
Our crib came was waiting for us when we got home. That sort of kicked things off. We had the colors picked out and purchased the paint.
Hubby painted about 90% of the room on his own. I tried to convince him to let me help, but he would have no part of it. We even bought low VOC paint and it did not have an odor—finally after 4 hours, he let me do some of the edges and corners.
The next day, I noticed some of the pinky/purple was a little streaky. So, I secretly got the paint supplies out and started to fix it. I got it all taken care of, but when hubby saw what I had done, he just shook his head.  He really did not want me painting.
He thinks I am losing my mind. I think I am just efficient. Maybe it is this whole nesting thing?

This week, hubby had “Strength and Conditioning Camp” at the high school. This was prime time for me to get more stuff done around the house. It was a chance for me to do a little more, without being judged for doing “too much.”
So, in one day I had walked the dog (approximately 1.5 miles), I edged the front yard, and I also cleaned out the garage, and painted some of the closet in the baby’s room—this was all done before 11 am.

The next day, I walked the dog (same distance) pulled all the weeds, cut back some of my plants that were growing like crazy and cleaned two of the closets upstairs—also done before 11 am.
I had to finish it all by 11 because that is when hubby got home.

This week was particularly busy, because Saturday we had a garage sale and I had to get everything ready.
I really don’t think I am nesting. I am one of those people who always has/needs something to do. Even on a normal weekend, before I was pregnant—I would have a million things to do. Cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, etc, that is just part of my normal routine.

But, according to Pregnancy-Info.Net,

The nesting instinct is the name given to the distinctive urge to clean, tidy, and organize that occurs during pregnancy. One of the many pregnancy symptoms that you will experience, the nesting instinct generally kicks in around the fifth month of pregnancy; however it can also occur much earlier or much later.

So, really, I don’t think I am nesting. I constantly have the urge to clean, tidy and organize. I just have tons of projects to do, and right now, I don’t have to work—so I have to take advantage of my time off.
That is not crazy, right?

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