Thursday, June 20, 2013

I can't handle two babies....(even to babysit)

Summer is in full swing, which means it is time for the teachers in our district to attend obligatory professional development.

I have been to one day and my sister (who is also a teacher) has been to five days. Since she has a three month old and my mom is recovering from shoulder surgery, I have been the primary caregiver.
I cannot handle two babies. I am not cut out for it.
Kedzie is 8 months old and Leila (my niece) is 3 months old.
Today I was trying to prepare for a 11 day road trip—trying to pack and get all of our stuff around, plus watch the two girls—PLUS clean my house. And I was watching two babies.
This is how the five days have gone….One would start crying as soon as the other stopped. They would both cry at the same time. They would both be hungry at the same time. As my sister warned me, they have bottle envy. Oh they do. One would see the other’s bottle and burst into tears. But, they would not nap at the same time.
Poor Leila spent a lot of time in the swing. Kedzie may or may not have been playing with a Wii remote.
I don’t know how people with multiples stay sane.
I might need a drink.
But, my house is finally clean. And, I was able to shower by the time my husband made it home from work.

Both of the babies are also alive.
That is positive.

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