Saturday, August 3, 2013

do parents really hate summer?

As I have been recovering from my knee surgery, I have seen countless commercials about going back to school. A paper towel commercial and a Payless shoe commercial are two that really stick out in my mind.

Both commercials have moms who go through various motions and then celebrate their child's heading back to school by putting their feet up.

It really made me wonder--do parents really hate summer? Do they hate those 10 weeks where they have to find alternate child care? Do they hate finding activities for their kids to do in the summer?  Do most parents really just see teachers as overpaid babysitters?

As a teacher and a new mom, I have appreciated this summer more than most. I have gotten to see my daughter do so many cool things this summer--crawl, get two teeth, wave, etc. This has been such a wonderful summer!

It seems like teachers get less and less respect. I know we have all seen the info graphics where someone has broken down how much teachers should get paid...if we got paid for each kid we "babysat."

I know most teachers don't teach because they are going to get rich. Also, I don't know if those advertising executives that come up with the "back to school" commercials are trying to be funny? Maybe they just want people to buy their products? I will tell you--it makes me want to frequent their stores even less/not want to buy what they are selling every time they degrade what I do as a teacher.

Yes, I will welcome your kids back with a warm smile. I really do like my students! I am looking forward to using a lot more technology with my students including twitter and Instagram this year. As a matter of fact, I think this school year will be the best one yet.

I wonder how many parents think that way?  Or, are they really just so happy to send their kids back to school--they don't care?

I hope I am wrong on this one.

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