Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Have you "looked back?" Thanks, Facebook.

If you haven't seen the 'Look Back' video from must live under a rock.

Last night all my Facebook friends started posting these videos highlighting their top stories over the years.

The video starts with when you joined Facebook and then continues to show your popular early posts, then most liked posts, with pictures and status updates.

It was really cool to see how all my Facebook friends have changed and grown over the years.

Each and every one made me smile.

Today, we talked about the videos during lunch in the teacher lounge.

There was one person who wasn't totally happy with hers. She is going through a divorce and she said it was hard to see some of the old pictures of her and her ex. Another teacher said to her, "but that is part of your life, and just imagine where you will be in another ten years."


Ten years from now.

Ten years ago, my hubby and I were living in Michigan. We had an apartment in East Lansing. I worked 50+ hours a week at Enterprise Rent-a-Car. We didn't have a dog or a kid. I drove a 98 Pontiac Grand Prix.

Dang, how things change in ten years.

From my hair color, to my friends, to the state that I lived in--to being a dog owner and almost ten years later, a parent.


If you haven't made a video yet, you should. Even if you don't post it for the world to see, it's still cool to look back.

Thanks, Facebook.

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  1. I would just like to take some pride that I'm the first one among our class to have a Facebook account back when everybody in Asia is using Friendster haha.

    Cheers to Facebook's 10th year!


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