Saturday, April 11, 2015

PBL Tip: Project Manager

I am lucky enough to be a teacher, and I am even more fortunate to have a sister who is also a teacher. We both teach middle school. She's an 8th grade Language Arts teacher, and I teach middle school STEM.

We talk everyday and compare notes about our classes. She was starting a project this week where they are integrating Language Arts and Social Social Studies, and her kids are creating a movie about a period in time.  It's her first try at project based learning, and she was a bit nervous.

She said the first day of the project was not good. Her kids were not buying in to the project. They were off task. They were messing around. 

She needed some help.

I told her to "have her kids elect a project manager. This person can then meet with you daily, they can grade their group, they can be the ones who remind people to be on task, etc." 

I have found once you create that sense of ownership, you have buy-in. 

I have done this in my class when they have a huge project. 

I told her, "you can switch your project  manager each week, after a couple days--but they have to meet with you--makes the kids feel important and needed."

So, I talked to my sister again yesterday. She said the project manager tip saved the project! It has made a huge difference!

Glad I could help, sister! 

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